Clients feedback

Business training with horses is a unique and effective method of leadership and communication skills development, of self-development and of improvement of relations in work teams and family.
Since 1996 hundreds of companies all over the world have implemented business trainings based on HorseDream system. Among them are the companies of Europe, the USA, Latin America, China, Australia, Japan.
The system was introduced in Russia in 2013 by Artisan. Since then we have conducted a number of trainings on leadership, team building and inner communication. Among our clients there were top-managers of big international companies, businessmen, students, actors, teachers and other specialists. As seen from their feedback, each of them has learnt their important lessons and none have left the training untouched.


The more I think about it, the more evident the outcome of the training becomes. The first insight is that we all possess great inner power that is not always obvious and that can be revealed when we go out of our comfort zone. The second lesson is that we can practice different types of team management during the training. Often we keep using just one of them forgetting that there are other types, sometimes more suitable for the exact situation. At my work it has already been high time to change the management style with one of the employees. And though I have had some doubts about it before the training, now I am ready for the changes. I also liked the format of the training first I was surprised by so little theory, but then I realized that the horses were our real teachers. And one need to live through the training to really get the answers born in ones heart.

Nadezhda, HR manager, Samsung Russia

Thank you for exciting experience and a wonderful opportunity to breathe in some fresh air! As for me, this training has turned out to be an anti-stress one. It was pleasure to spend a day in the atmosphere of trust and understanding, to escape from buzz and to think of important issues.

Elena, HR top-manager, KupiVIP

The training has been amazing, unique and useful. Every time when one goes out of their comfort zone, one sees new perspectives in leadership and starts to think of new approaches to HR issues and teamwork. It teaches us to trust and rely on our work-teams, it teaches us how to be tolerant and how to look for new ways of co-working, how to be flexible and persistent at the same time, and how to follow ones own way in reaching ones goals in any circumstances. And what is most important, the training reveals that natural inner leadership in us that is not based on status or position, but that is the result of our sensitiveness, energy and the ability to indicate the signals sent by others, the ability to communicate and agree upon common goals and their achievement. We learn to speak from the heart as horses do not accept other ways./font>

Anna, HR top-manager, a private gas and oil company

The training made evident some of my weak points in leadership and at the same time it showed the ways to overcome them.

Alexey, Deputy Top-Manager, Energy-based Group of companies

During the training one can see how self-esteem of participants is growing, everyone becomes more self-confident. Speaking about myself, I really feel more confident.

Alexander, Top-manager, a retail company

As a psychologist I have participated in many trainings and I have never seen anything like that. It was an amazing and very useful day. The horses are simply wonderful. They teach us to be active, to go beyond our comfort zone, to seek and find new solutions. I think this training is useful for many people, not only for top-managers. It will remain in my memory for long, and I am looking forward to the next one.

Ekaterina, HR specialist, Rittal