We deliver the Horse Assisted Leadership program in Russia for managers, entrepreneurs, MBA students, HR and training professionals. 
Recommended group size 4-8 participants, up to 3 groups in the same time.

In the herd, horses know how to lead and be led, that is why they can easily teach a person not only leadership, but also working as a team member. Become a leader for the horse - very easy and very difficult at the same time. Horses see our true selves, just as we are, without any masks, and they communicate with a person at the level of its true "I". Horses are asking us to be honest, they do not judge, do not criticize, they just want to know if they can trust us. Only by earning the trust of a horse, being present and confident in yourself and your goals, you can become a leader. A true leader, which will be followed not only by horses, but also by people.

Business training with horses is a powerful empirical approach to the development of personal skills by working in partnership with horses. Leadership consists of four things:

  1. Understanding what you want at this moment
  2. Understanding your colleagues and those whom you lead, how they think and communicate
  3. Simultaneous concentration o to 1 and 2, in order to
  4. To take appropriate and effective action in time