People have been searching for harmony and personal growth for centuries. A training with horses can speed up this the process and provide dozens of insights on the way to self-development. Our participants point out that it comes naturally and clearly during the training. Join us and share this unique experience in a group of inspired spirits.

The healing ability of the horses are integral part of the internal opening of the natural balance, and supports personal growth and well-being on several levels. This training raises awareness of non-verbal communication between us and others. Horses guide us and help us find inspiration and open new doors for creative talent and joy. This training will help get to know yourself better, reveal the inner potential, start believe in yourself, relieve tension and stress, find harmony with yourself and the world. Within a short period of time horses can show us the most important things in life, help us to re-learn to trust our intuition, listen to our calling and take the path of change.