Horse Assisted Education is a unique approach recognized worldwide.

Why horses? 

Horses are excellent teachers, they offer experiential learning based on an illustrative example, a bright memorable experience. Workshop with horses can develop and acquire skills in a memorable and fun way. Horses do not criticize and evaluate, they just react and give us feedback, illustrating the participant's own approach to leadership, obedience and partnership. Horses are always honest, they look through the masks and address to our true selves. Training with horses makes us go beyond the usual "comfort zone" and into the area of personal growth, helps overcoming our fears, insecurities, and this makes us move on to develop important skills, learn something new about ourselves , open up and self-improve.

What do horses teach us? 

Leadership, achievement, teamwork, non-verbal communication. In most cases, after the training, the companies also noted additional effects: improving of the atmosphere in the team, anti-stress effect, recreation, inspiration, motivation growth.

How does this happen? 

Group of participants come to our equipped equestrian base, where they spent a memorable day with our specially trained horses. The training includes theoretical part - Discussion about business models and the practical part - exercises with horses in the ring, and ends with a barbecue outdoors with watching recorded videos. Business training with horses does not mean riding, doesn’t require special skills and physical fitness. Training is conducted in Russian and / or English. We provide only licensed programs that meet the standards of safety and well-known in the world as HAE (Horse Assisted Education), EAHAE (European Association of Horse Assisted Education).

Who This training Is Intended For? 

Business training with horses intended primarily for employees of corporations, but it will be useful to a wide audience. Developing skills and personal growth are important not only in any profession, but also in everyday life. On reviews page you will find words of appreciation from managers and staff of well-known international companies, banks, government officials, doctors, teachers, social workers and students.

Who does the training? 

In fact, training is carried out by horses, but the learning process controls CEO of Artisan Olga Platonova - Certified Business Coach, MBA, owner and EAHAE system horse trainer . Olga worked with major international companies such as Samsung, Acer, DHL, MAN Truck & Bus, Cargill, Rittal, LeroyMerlin, Sandvik and others, has the qualification of HorseDreamGmbh in Germany and licensed to conduct training with horses in the United States.