Business reality often goes together with stress, overwork and lack of energy. Any person, in any profession, at any level, can become a victim of job burnout. Job burnout does not occur overnight. It begins with small warning signals. Whether you find these small hints of future burnout, have already suffered from it or just want to prevent its possibility, our “Master of Emotions” training will be efficient for your tasks.

This 2-day program includes countryside retreat from noise and stress, hospitable personnel and cosy cottages, pure nature of Kaluga region and the main component – extended training program with our tactful coaches – horses. After a series of exercises you will: 

  • Learn how to recognize your inner flood of emotions;
  • Get the power and the tools of self-harmonization; 
  • Get charged from the natural energy sources; 
  • Rediscover the beauty and peace in you and around you; 
  • Find the peace of mind, body and soul; 
  • Learn how to use your inner energy for future achievements in private, social and business spheres; 
  • Keep safe from a job burnout for a long time; 
  • And much more! 

Experience the full effect of this extended training together with our certified trainers and friendly horses. Contact us to get more details!